Tips On How You Can Repair Your Laptop On Your Own City Mumbai

Regardless of how gentle we try to be, our laptops take a lot of abuse every day. Laptop repairs may cost more than desktop PC so many users tend to do simple maintenance tasks for their laptops by themselves. You can easily search and find the video tutorials that can teach you lenovo laptop repair in Mumbai. Here is how not to break your laptop while repairing it.


  • Remember to Flip the Switch: Always remember to turn the power off before servicing anything. This should always be your first step. Do not even open the computer case unless the power is turned off.
  • Make A Blueprint: Decide or make a blue print as to how to repair your laptop before jumping for the same. Detect the problems one after another and then sit down for the repairing.
  • Always Check The Cables: If you’re having trouble with a specific piece of computer hardware, such as your monitor or keyboard, an easy first step is to check all related cables to make sure they’re properly connected.
  • Take A Video Of The Disassembling Process: If the disassemble may look complicated but you still want to disassemble laptop, use any smart phone or digital camera to record a movie of process that you are doing to remove several parts of laptop. That video may serve for reference (if you forget anything or the sequences of disassemble) later on.

Best repair services in Mumbai

It’s tempting to do it yourself but it’s better to be safe and take your laptop to the professional technicians of lenovo laptop repair in Mumbai.


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